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Monthly Rummage Sale

The first Saturday of every month our church creates an opportunity for community to come together.    Community can participate by purchasing a space and selling items garage sale style.   Or community members can come and shop finding many different treasures that change month over month.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do you reserve a space?  

Answer:   Spaces open up two Tuesdays before the sale (for example the sale on Feb 3rd 2024 will open up on Jan 23rd) and the only way to reserve a space to come by the church between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday- Thursday.   Please note they are first come first serve. 

Question:  How much do spaces cost?

Answer:   Spaces cost $15

Question:   How do I pay for my space?

Answer:   Cash 

Question:   How big is a space?

Answer:   Spaces are roughly the size of two parking places.   When reserving a spot, a map is shared so the exact spot and size can be selected.   

Question:   What if there is weather and the event is cancelled?

Answer:   If the event is cancelled by Chapel Hill, the church will call the phone number provided when signing up.   We offer two choices:   to move to the next sale or a refund.   

Question:   Is there advertisement about the event?

Answer:  We post on the church social media, website and share during worship service.   Also we find that many of our local communities know about the event as we have done this for years and we also get traffic from those that drive by and see the tents from the highway.  Those selling at the event are also welcome to post on their personal social media that they will be at the event.  

Question:   Is there food available to purchase?

Answer:   Usually a group within the church will volunteer to cook and provide food for purchase, but as this service is done by volunteers it is not a guarantee.   

Question:   What services does the church provide for the event?

Answer:   We will open the fellowship hall close to the start of the sale so attendees and sellers can utilize restrooms, soda machines and water fountains.   At the start of the sale we will ensure that all cars leave the parking lot and block entrances for the protection of those selling and the shoppers.   

Question:   Do you provide electricity, Wi-Fi or tables?

Answer:   We do not, sellers are expected to bring everything they need for the day of the sale.

Question:   What if I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

Answer:   Call or email the church.    Our telephone number is:   210-673-0000 and our email address is

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