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Food Pantry

Chapel Hill offers a free food pantry to those in need on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am for the first 75 families that arrive.

Please note the pantry is closed the week of New Years day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

How does the Pantry work?  

Tuesday's those that would like our services may line up outside the entrance to our church at the side entrance on Evandale as early as you would like.

At 9am we open and start registration which does require a valid Texas photo ID.   

Once inside paperwork a number is provided and to start the registration process.   

An intake coordinator will start the paperwork, then after a brief wait a registration volunteer will complete the registration process.  

After registration, if qualified, participants will be asked to drive to the front of the church, open their trunk and a cart full of food will be provided and loaded by volunteers.   

The pantry is available once per family every thirty days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for registration?

A valid Texas photo ID, transportation to transport food home, willingness to provide verbal confirmation of household income.


What is provided?

We provide meat, fresh produce, bread, cereal, eggs, milk, and canned goods as our budget and the SA food bank allows.   We cannot guarantee that everything on the list will be received as we have no control over what is available from the food bank.   

We don't provide pet food, hygiene items, feminine products, diapers, or baby food.  


What if I need to send someone to pick up my food for me?  

A proxy may pick up food with your photo ID and written permission signed and dated each time they pick up food.  

What if I have more questons?  

For additional information call of text 210-868-3236.   We will make every effort to return call or text within 48 hours.   We don't return calls during the food pantry service hours as we are busy serving those in the pantry.   

For information about other food distribution or services please reach out to the San Antonio Food bank at 210-431-8326 or go to FreshTrek.

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