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A Note From The Pastor

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Dear friends, I have always believed that Lent comes along every year, just in the nick of time! GOD’S people are sometimes (maybe a lot of the time) too busy and distracted with too many things to be still and sit at Jesus’ feet. At times --like Mary-- we need to take the time to simply abide in his love and teaching. [Luke 10. 38-42] Time in Lent stretches out across 40 days and slows us down so we can stop and reflect on the road that leads to the cross. We are not just spectators on the road to Calvary. As followers of Christ, we journey toward the cross. Ash Wednesday sends us off on our Lenten journey clothed with confession, repentance, and ashes to notice and join Jesus and our fellow travelers on the road to the cross. Just as we do not see our own ashes unless they are reflected back to us in a mirror or through an encounter with our neighbor, so the Lenten journey helps us to grow spiritually in both the inner spirituality and outer discipleship of our Christian life. We invite all to journey with us this Lenten season.

Love in Christ and Blessings All, Pastor Becky

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